Input Center: Database Services Services

KEYBOARDING: We provide very accurate keyboard entry services from paper, microfilm, and electronic image files. Files can be returned in a variety of formats including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Folio, PageMaker, and dBASE. 

We have over 1,000 operators who are qualified experts in data entry. We use a double entry system and a series of programmatic checks and balances to ensure that every job is of the highest quality possible. This process includes the best of sophisticated software solutions combined with meticulous human touch ups and quality control. We believe our process affords the maximum accuracy at a reasonable price.

link Follow this link to view a flowchart of our   keyboarding production process

FILE STRUCTURE CODING: We are experts in file structure coding. This includes SGML, HTML, Folio, typeset codes, structure codes, image targets and references, and unique linkage codes that can be added to an electronic file to conform to the specific needs of your industry or application. We can also guide you in the construction of custom Document Type Definitions (DTD).

link Follow this link for a File Structure Coding example

FILE CONVERSIONS: Conversions from practically anything to anything -- from old typeset files to SGML or HTML files, from WordPerfect or Microsoft Word to PDF or SGML, etc. Our conversion processes utilize sophisticated software and very detail oriented people for final touch up. 

link Follow this link for a File Conversion example

IMAGE SCANNING & INDEXING: The Input Center provides high quality image processing services. We scan source files to create electronic images which can be linked to specific locations in formatted text or combined with additional images and text to create a comprehensive database solution. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can also be performed on specified image files for conversion of existing paper based documents to image and text databases or desktop publishing files such as Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress.

link Follow this link for a Image Scanning & Indexing example

ROMANCE LANGUAGE CONVERSION: We are experts in converting English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek texts. The Input Center can help bring most any romance language (and many others) to life for your database, on-line, or CD-ROM project.

link Follow this link for French Language Conversion example

link Or this link for a Greek Language Conversion example

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