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CLIENT: University of California Consortium for Latin Lexicography
INPUT SOURCE:Scanned image
OUTPUT FORMAT:Mixed Greek and English text
COMMENT:With proper software the example below shows Greek characters
Greek/English Image
Output example:
a)gaqotuxe/w, Astrol., occupy the house of a)gaqh\ tu/xh, Vett.Val.83.
20; a)g. pro/s . . Cat.Cod.Astr.1.118.
a)gaqourge/w, -ourgi/a, -ourgo/s, v. a)gaqoerg-.
a)gaqo-fanh/s, e/s, appearing good, hypocritical, Democr.82. -fo/-
ros, on,
bearing good tidings, PMag.Par.1.3166; -fo/ron, to/, Cat.
2.170. -frwn, on, gen. -onos, (frh/n) well-disposed, Ptol.
a)gaqo/w, do >good to one, tini/ or tina/ LXXIKi.25.31, Si.49.9. 2.
make good, Numen.ap.Eus.PE11.22(Pass.).
a)ga/q-unsis, h(, making good, Eustr. in EN276.32. -u/nw, first
and freq. in LXX: I. honour, magnify, 3Ki.1.47, Ps.50(51).
18: adorn, th\n kefalh/n 4Ki.9.30. 2. cheer, a)gaquna/tw se h(
kardi/a Ec.11.9:—Pass., to be of good cheer, rejoice greatly, 2Ki. 13.28,
Da.6.23,al. II. make good, Alex.Aphr. in Metaph.707.11,al.,
Procl.Inst.13.122: Pass., Simp. in Epict.p.6D.,al. b. Astrol.,
make beneficent, in Pass., Cat.Cod.Astr.2.196. Jul.Laod.ib.
4.24. III. do good to, tina/ Heliod. in EN86.41. IV. do good,
do well, LXX Ps.35(36).3; tini/(V.l. tina/) to one, ib.124(125).4.

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